Professional Entrepreneurs

Professional Entrepreneurs

Professional Entrepreneurs: In a time of economic crisis like the current one, when the labor market has yet to recover, many experts dare to point to start-ups as the main driving force behind Spain's official emergence from the economic crisis.

  1. Professional Entrepreneurs
  2. The data speaks for itself
  3. What type of professionals are in demand?

Professional Entrepreneurs

If there is one thing Spain can be proud of, it is that it has one of the highest rates of startup creation and consolidation on the European continent, and most of them tend to be technology-based.

In this sense, startups are a kind of guide to job creation. However, despite a youth unemployment rate of 49%, the reality is that many of Spain's startups are not as positive as they appear due to a lack of specifically trained personnel in these fields to fill certain jobs.

The data speaks for itself

According to one report, 44% of technology companies ended 2014 with five or more vacancies due to a lack of adequately trained succession candidates. In addition, 2% of CEOs say they have yet to fill more than a dozen vacancies at their respective companies.

But lack of talent is not the only reason. Another problem venture firms face in finding employees is the candidate's lack of commitment to the project. Belief in the project and commitment to it as if it were their own is a characteristic of venture-backed employees and is often pointed out as lacking by hiring managers.

What type of professionals are in demand?

In terms of open positions, the most sought after are the technical specialists at the core of the business. Junior and senior programmers, Android and iOS mobile app programmers, data scientists, and big data analysts stand out in this specialty.

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In addition to the technical aspect, it is worth remembering that startups usually have a strong digital marketing department for user acquisition campaigns and for promoting their brand on the Internet through social networks and all web platforms. Within the digital marketing field, startups are most looking for professionals with knowledge of SEO and SEM, especially Twitter and Facebook advertising.


Fnally, in this sense, the profile of business areas sought by startups is that of a senior person, especially one with a broad international vocation.

On the other hand, startups that have reached a higher level of maturity are realizing that in order to continue to grow, they need not only the technology, but also the business areas to expand their market size.

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