IEBS Entrepreneur Business

IEBS Entrepreneur Business: now in its sixth edition, the IEBS Entrepreneur Competition, the annual competition held in 2015, rewards young entrepreneurial talent and innovation in a variety of thematic areas.


IEBS Entrepreneur Business

Those interested in participating in the 6th Entrepreneurship Competition can submit their projects via the Entrepreneurship Competition 2015 website.

The deadline for applications was the end of August, but there is still time to register your interest until September 15.

One winner selected in each field will receive a full scholarship for master's or graduate study and mentorship to move their business idea forward.

The main objective of the competition is to find original and innovative ideas as well as sustainable projects that can add value to society.

Incubated at IEBS

Participants' ideas will be evaluated by a professional jury composed of IEBS and collaborating companies, as well as by users' votes through social networks. The winning projects will be announced on October 22.

The main objective of the contest is to seek out and promote entrepreneurship and innovative initiatives as elements of progress, as well as to highlight the role of training in the birth of new enterprises through initial support to entrepreneurs.

In terms of categories, 15 projects that lead to entrepreneurial innovations related to business areas such as mobile business, gamification, e-commerce, social entrepreneurship and innovation, and ICT will be awarded.

Business School

The business school has high hopes for this year's competition after receiving more than 1,500 applications in the previous round; Oscar Fuente, director of IEBS, said, "With support, innovative ideas will be born.


Finally, if you have a project and want to implement it, don't hesitate any longer and take advantage of this opportunity.

The Entrepreneur Contest is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get involved in the accelerator Seedrocket, as well as e-Commerce News, Eureka startups, Marketing Directo, Emprendedores, Loogic, LanceTalent, SphericalPixel, and PickASO, and many other prestigious collaborators.

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