Google Company Pictures

Google Company Pictures

Google Company Pictures: want to see the interior of a particular restaurant before you make a reservation?  They will also be listed on Google Maps and in the Google Places directory.

  1. Google Company Pictures
    1. Google Business Photos service
    2. Image taken from Google

Google Company Pictures

Starting today, you can: the Google Business Photos service, a tool that allows users who search for a particular business on Google to take a virtual tour inside that business, is now available in Spain, although it took more than a year.

Google Business Photos service

The program, which has been available in the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand since May 2011, offers a 360-degree interactive virtual panoramic view of the inside of a business. This allows customers to see the inside of a business through high-resolution images.

This tool is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, such as stores and restaurants, and allows businesses to showcase themselves and expand their customer base by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet.

Image taken from Google

To start using the service, businesses need only hire a photographer to take photos of their facilities and send the photos directly to Google. There is no cost, although payment to the photographer is the responsibility of the business concerned.

From now on, users searching for the relevant business will automatically be able to find the panoramic images.

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