Finance is More in Demand

Finance is More in Demand: Every year, more than 56,783 professionals from Spain and the United States working in the construction, infrastructure, and energy sectors are trained by us. And by learning about the reality of the situation, we detected a need for training in the field of finance for engineers.


Finance is More in Demand

The current reality means that these technical professionals need to know the language and reality of finance," explains Andres Serrano, General Manager of Structuralia.

The training courses include the "Finance Course," "Investment Course," "Trade Course," and "Bank Risk Course.

The 10 most demanding profiles in the financial industry

Through a survey conducted with HR professionals from major financial institutions, the Financial Center has published a report detailing the 10 most in-demand professional profiles in the financial sector and in the financial sector in 2013.

New times call for new professionals, and the reform of the financial system and the transformation of society based on new technologies are evident in this list.

1. Credit Risk Management Professionals

Responsible for analyzing and managing credit risk in commercial banking, budgeting and monitoring, as well as developing tools and methods for management and administration.
Qualifications: Master in Banking / Master in Financial Economics / Master in Business Administration

2. risk analyst

This role is responsible for researching, proposing, analyzing, and monitoring corporate risks with banking companies.
Qualifications: Master in Banking / special training in risk analysis.

3. individual insurance technical manager

The role involves developing new products, monitoring and analyzing the portfolio (claims, costs and reserves, legal and fiscal compliance, etc.), and managing and supervising the team.
Qualifications: Insurance Broker/Private Banking.

4. International Trade Officer

Individualized advice to the international activities of the financial institution's corporate clients. Designs and manages international financial operations.
Training: Master's Degree in Foreign Trade/International Relations.

5. risk model analyst

Develops mathematical models applied to the risk management of financial institutions.
Qualifications: computer engineer, mathematician, background in banking products.

6. quantitative market risk analyst

Responsible for developing quantitative applications that support the calculation of credit and market risk. The position manages enterprise risk applications and develops application tools.
Qualifications: mathematician, physicist/specific training in investment fund management.

7. IT technician

Professionals involved in the development of applications and implementation of systems. They work in various phases of planning, designing, building, and maintaining information systems, business processes, architecture, and infrastructure.
Training: IT for Banks.

8. product manager

Responsible for defining and executing commercial and marketing plans, as well as developing new products and services. Also responsible for monitoring the achievement of targets, acquiring new customers, conducting market research and competitive benchmarking, supporting the sales network, and promoting alliances with strategic partners.
Qualifications: Master of Science in Banking / Master of Science in Marketing.

9. Regulatory Compliance Technician

The functions of these professionals focus on managing and supervising the compliance of the entity's various departments with current laws and regulations, as well as managing the entity's development in terms of legal compliance.
Qualifications: lawyer/CNMV expert.

10. financial representative

This profile includes independent professionals who manage client portfolios and guide the intermediation of financial institutions and banking products in exchange for a fee.


Finally, BBVA and Structuralia: have agreed to establish a School of Finance. The School of Finance is an initiative to develop the financial education of engineers in Spain and Latin America. The School of Finance opened in November and offers eight courses from BBVA's catalog.

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