Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance: When we talk about the financial sector, the first thing that comes to mind is training in banking and finance: it may seem that employment in this sector is not at its best, but the crisis has led to the emergence of new professions in the future of the banking and finance sector.


Banking and Finance

Companies want to manage their expenses, estimate the risks of their investments, save production and implement effective policies.

Professionals in the financial sector must be well trained and highly specialized. Firms value experience, and it is best to obtain a certification that recognizes this.

To this end, there are institutions that offer public examinations that can lead to certifications such as the EFA, EFP, and CFA.

To do this, they need professionals to take on these functions. So, as the headline of this week's special issue says, we call it "Renewed Sector Opportunities.

Making Recovery Finance

Training is one of the main bets firms are making for recovery in this area. The trend in financial training is toward programs focused on increasing productivity and developing responsible leaders. An increasing trend is specialized training in management and business management.

Training programs set a series of challenges for the future, of which values training plays a fundamental role. Ethics and innovation are increasingly important, with a focus on cost efficiency, customer service, and social welfare.


Finally, They also explain the skills that companies are looking for the most, so you can tailor your offer to what is most sought after. In it, we consider the pros and cons of working in an area that has rethought its philosophy.

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